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Dr Trevor Brent Stone -- surgeon

Gender: M
Specialty: Surgery - the medical specialty that treats diseases or injuries by operative manual and instrumental treatment.
Telephone: 604-526-4606
Address: 102-65 Richmond St, New Westminster BC V3L 5P5, Canada

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What people have to say about the work of Dr. Trevor Brent Stone:
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Rating: 1/10   09 Apr 2009   anonymous patient
I could not believe there are doctors like this man in our system. I have an 78 year old grandma and she is the sweetest lady. He is not compassionate, does not care, never answers any of her questions and simply says he "does not know" and he is "only a bone doctor". He will rush through any appointment and it always seems like he is just trying to get you out of the door as soon as possible. The impression I got from this doctor is that he does not like his job, he is not happy and he does not care. He is in the wrong profession, avoid him if you can....
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Rating: 2/10   25 Dec 2008   anonymous patient treated for multiple fractures and trauma
probably not the worst Dr. out there, but the worst I have had the bad fortune of encountering. Dr. T. Stone does not take the time to look at the facts. His personality is deficient in warmth, compassion, and he is very rude. I think he would be better suited as a mortician.
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