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Dr Mohamed Moustafa Abdel-Fattah -- psychiatrist

Gender: M
Specialty: Psychiatry - medical field specializing in the prevention, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of the mind and mental illness.
Telephone: 604-924-9596
Address: 1431 Chartwell Dr, West Vancouver BC V7S 2R7, Canada

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What people have to say about the work of Dr. Mohamed Moustafa Abdel-Fattah:
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Rating: 3/10   05 Aug 2009   anonymous patient
A bit of a misogamist and if you observe him he is obsessive-compulsive and a germ freak! He has anger issues. He is the director of Lion's Gate Psyche Ward but I had to challenge him on more then one occasion under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom and the Canadian Mental Health Act. The medications he prescribed me did better then what I had been on before entry into Lion's Gate but still they were inadequate. He is prompt and easily available. My release papers were way off the mark. He took the time to listen and re did the report. It appears he is wanting to establish himself so bends over for administration to be on budget, but it ends up at being the cost to the patient and his own agenda is a strong one. He'd be better off to learn to chill and not cave-in to Admin.
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Rating: 3/10   11 Mar 2009   anonymous patient
I'd like to know his philosophy in treatment.
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