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Dr Richard Arthur Bebb -- endocrinologist

Gender: M
Specialty: Endocrinology - branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the endocrine system and its specific secretions called hormones.
Telephone: 604-689-1055
Address: 416-1033 Davie St, Vancouver BC V6E 1M7, Canada

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What people have to say about the work of Dr. Richard Arthur Bebb:
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Rating: 10/10   21 May 2008   by Sheryl, treated for Post Thyroid cancer
Very attentative, listens well, responds fully and doesn't rush you. My former (retired) endocrinologist didn't pick up the ball with follow up beyond the immediate aftermath of my thyroid cancer (removal of both), whereas, Dr Bebb ordered blood tests (beyond calcium and magnesium check)and an ultrasound. Results yet to be advised but I have complete confidence in this competent MD.
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