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Dr Siobhan Gavaghan -- occupational physician

Gender: F
Specialty: Occupational medicine - branch of clinical medicine which provides health advice to organizations and individuals concerning work-related health and safety issues and standards. See occupational safety and health.
Address: Auckland, New-Zealand

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What people have to say about the work of Dr. Siobhan Gavaghan:
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Rating: 0/10   28 Feb 2009   anonymous patient
This Dr leans totally towards ACC. She changes her diagnosis when pressured by ACC within a few weeks after your consultation, suddenly you have something you never had at the first visit, to suit ACCs multiple requests. She also gives out incorrect information, when asked to clarify.such as being told I have never had a xray of a part of my body when I have had one and a MRI?? then tellig me I have something wrong with a part that I have no pain or problem with or xray of ever!!!
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