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Dr Pervez Syed Ali -- surgeon

Gender: M
Specialty: Surgery - the medical specialty that treats diseases or injuries by operative manual and instrumental treatment.
Telephone: (416) 445-4459
Address: Suite 100, 895 Don Mills Road, Don Mills ON M3C 1W3, Canada

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What people have to say about the work of Dr. Pervez Syed Ali:
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Rating: 6/10   14 Nov 2008   anonymous patient treated for knee/shoulder
I really like Dr. Ali and he has performed two surgeries on me. I now need another surgery but the office does not return calls left on the machine and they will not answer the telephone in person.
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Rating: 8/10   14 Nov 2008   anonymous patient
Can never get in touch with anyone at the office - phone always answered by machine. Very frustrating.
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