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Dr Marlon Sidney Hershkop -- nuclear physician

Gender: M
Specialty: Nuclear medicine - branch of medicine and medical imaging that uses the nuclear properties of matter in diagnosis and therapy. Many procedures in nuclear medicine use radionuclides, or pharmaceuticals that have been labeled with radionuclides (radiopharmaceuticals).
Telephone: (905) 723-1653
Address: Suite 201, 300 King Street West, Oshawa ON L1J 2K1, Canada

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What people have to say about the work of Dr. Marlon Sidney Hershkop:
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Rating: 8/10   11 Jan 2009   by Bill, treated for Heart
Great staff+technologists...looked after me while having my stress test. Friendlier than the hospital
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Rating: 10/10   17 Nov 2008   by Mary S, treated for Bone infection
My husband was diagnosed with a possible infection after a leg fracture and surgery. The doctors couldn't really be confident if the infection moved to the bone. My son is a competitive triathelete so this was obviously important in knowing .Xrays and even a CAT scan were not very helpful. We understood from the staff at the clinic that after a bone scan he would get a specialized scan which labels white cells, not usually offered except in hospitals. The scan was positive for a bone infection and my husband is being treated with specialized antibiotics. This was a reassuring and positive experience thanks to the Whitby clinic , the technologists and Dr. Hershkop for providing us with excellent medical service.....
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Rating: 10/10   07 Oct 2008   by Joan, treated for Breast cancer
My mother was diagnosd with Breast cancer.A biopsy of her nodes was ordered, with injection of a radioactive dye to see which nodes are cancerous.We read that the procedure can be very painful. Doctor H. explained the procedure, allowed me to stay in the room. My mother did have pain , but was emotionally relieved that the test was explained to her and the procedure expertly done.
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Rating: 10/10   01 Sep 2008   by noah hershkop,
he is the best doctor i have ever seen. ps.and he is my dad
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Rating: 9/10   05 Aug 2008   anonymous patient
I am so impressed by the care and compassion shown me by the doctor. I would gladly recommend him to anyone.
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