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Dr Sher Por Billy Kwong -- general practitioner

Gender: M
Specialty: General practice - treats acute and chronic illnesses, provides preventive care and health education, do minor surgery and/or obstetrics.
Telephone: (416) 297-9225
Address: 4190 Finch Avenue East, Suite 209, Scarborough ON M1S 4T7, Canada

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What people have to say about the work of Dr. Sher Por Billy Kwong:
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Rating: 0/10   09 Nov 2009   anonymous patient
(cont' the previous post)I am very disappointed and angry on this doctor who treated my mom like this. He didn't even bother to check my mom. OMG!!!!! If there is nothing wrong with my mom's body and my mom didn't feel anything wrong, would my mom go to see you, Dr. Kwong??? You didn't even check!!!!!! And just sent her to another specialist in which my mom had to wait for a month for this stupid useless appointment and got nothing!!!!!Also, something even making me feel angry is that the receptionist whom my mom called at said :" if you are feeling so urgent, go to the emergency" in a very inpatient tone. AHA, it sounds like you don't have any responsibility to deal with my mom's illness?? I am a very educated child of my mom, i try not to swear at these stupid people. If my mom didn't decide to see the emergency doctor, I couldn't imagine what would happen next. I won't believe in this family doctor anymore and I am going to get another family doctor to cure my mom.
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Rating: 0/10   09 Nov 2009   anonymous patient
This doctor has been my family doctor for 8 years and I thought he was very good, since he seemed to be very patient and gentle to the patients. BUT just a few days ago, I found out thatl he is the WORST doctor I've seen. He didn't check detailed on my mom's illness. Just simply gave her some useless pills and ask her to go home even WITHOUT checking, after a few hour waiting. What a doctor. And he said my mom was ok from her illness, but my mom found something wrong with her body seriously, so my mom went to the emergency and got checked up, the doctor in the emergency said my mom got a very serious problem on her illness and asked her why she didn't go see her family doctor. My mom told the emergency doctor that she did, and the emergency doctor was like " oh my god, he didn't check this out, it is obvious and he even ignored this problem, you should change a family doctor." So you can tell how ridiculous it is. (I am sorry that I couldn't tell what my mom's illness is here).
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Rating: 8/10   19 Mar 2009   anonymous patient
Very Detail, but waiting time is too long > 2 - 3 hr
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