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Dr Shane Richard Agnew -- gastroenterologist

Gender: M
Specialty: Gastroenterology - branch that studies the digestive system and its disorders.
Telephone: 250-763-6433
Address: 564 Leon Ave, Kelowna BC V1Y 6J6, Canada

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What people have to say about the work of Dr. Shane Richard Agnew:
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Rating: 10/10   31 Oct 2009   by Geraldine Weber,
Referred to you but waiting to get appointment. My stomach became large two and half months ago. I look at least 5 months pregnant, definetly not my real stomach size. Nexium worked to bring down some swelling for just over 2 weeks. It stopped working. My stomach stays swollen morning, noon and night. Lower back pain on and off and some upper right abdomen discomfort. I have had CAT on Kidneys, Ultra sound on Abdomen and Ovaries an Xray on??? Not really showing anything. I am worried because both my parents died of cancer in their 50s, Dad 54yrs, Mom 56yrs. I have just turned 50. I know my stomach is saying something is wrong. If you can't see me soon can you refer me to another Gastronenterologist that can. I am willing to travel to be checked out. I am really scared. Will you help me please! Sincerely Geraldine Weber Winfield, B.C.
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