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Dr Connie Lynn Huff -- general practitioner

Gender: F
Specialty: General practice - treats acute and chronic illnesses, provides preventive care and health education, do minor surgery and/or obstetrics.
Telephone: 604-253-3166
Address: 100-2732 Hastings St E, Vancouver BC V5K 1Z9, Canada

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What people have to say about the work of Dr. Connie Lynn Huff:
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Rating: 10/10   02 Nov 2009   anonymous patient
Dr.Huff is the best doctor I know. She is an amazing caregiver. She does not hesitate to tell you the truth and give you her opinion- then let you weigh the options. I am a RN. I have worked with many doctors, and she is one of the best. I am blessed to have her as my family GP. She helped me during a difficult pregnancy and supported me throughout the whole experience. I don't know what I would have done without her.
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Rating: 10/10   06 Sep 2009   anonymous patient
the best doctor i have ever seen by far
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Rating: 10/10   11 Jun 2009   by Lori,
Been seeing Dr Huff for over 10 years and I couldn't ask for a better doctor. Very easy to talk to, patient, and a fountain full of helpful knowledge and skills.
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Rating: 10/10   30 Aug 2008   by Rachel,
Dr. Huff has been the best doctor I have ever seen! She is caring, easy to talk to, and as blunt as she needs to be... Love her.
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