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Dr Anizmohamed Sadrudin Pabani -- general practitioner

Gender: M
Specialty: General practice - treats acute and chronic illnesses, provides preventive care and health education, do minor surgery and/or obstetrics.
Telephone: 604-533-5051
Address: 106-19475 Fraser Hwy, Surrey BC V3S 6K7, Canada

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What people have to say about the work of Dr. Anizmohamed Sadrudin Pabani:
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Rating: 0/10   01 Aug 2009   anonymous patient
When it comes to his knowledge of benzos and what the long term effects are on his patients he has no idea. He is unable to help one come off these drugs in a safe manner as he does not know how.
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Rating: 10/10   24 Jun 2008   by Kim,
Dr. Pabani is the best doctor that i have met. He has plenty of time to spend with you to understand what it is your feeling or looking for. Very caring and supportive
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Rating: 10/10   27 Nov 2007   by Tyler Carlsen, treated for Lots of broken bones, stitches and such.
Pabani has always taken care of me.
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