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Dr Rardi Danielle Van Heest -- surgeon

Gender: F
Specialty: Surgery - the medical specialty that treats diseases or injuries by operative manual and instrumental treatment.
Telephone: 604-522-7737
Address: 210-245 Columbia St E, New Westminster BC V3L 3W4, Canada

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What people have to say about the work of Dr. Rardi Danielle Van Heest:
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Rating: 8/10   12 Nov 2009   anonymous patient
Hello Rardi, How are you? I think I am your nephew from Holland. Last time I saw you I was staying at your dad's place in Kelowna in 1983. My mother was your dad's sister her name is also Rardi. Best regards, Han Ames
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Rating: 10/10   25 Aug 2009   by Glenda, treated for Breast Cancer
Dr. VanHeest was wonderfull. I was treated for breast cancer and from the moment I arrived she treated my daughter, friend and me with compassion and respect. She answered any questions we had in a way that we understood without being condescending. I saw her 6 days after being diagnosed, which surprised me. I would go back to her in a second if it was needed. The office staff were great too.
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Rating: 10/10   23 Aug 2009   anonymous patient treated for surgical hernia
Dr. Van Heest's office staff treated my wife with the utmost courtesy in a timely fashion. The Doctor spent an hour with my wife on the first consultation - the surgery went great. We would highly recommend Dr. Van Heest and her staff
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Rating: 2/10   12 Sep 2008   by John Smith, treated for unknown
not too impressed. The office staff are obnoxious. Waiting times are horrendous. If you can get a different MD just do.
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