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Dr Doo Ho Shin, pathologist, Surrey, BC CA
Dr Balvinder Singh Shoker, pathologist, unknown, GB
Dr Sveta Silverman, pathologist, Edmonton, AB CA
Dr Bidisa Sinha, pathologist, unknown, GB
Dr Jonathan David Slater, pathologist, Comox, BC CA
Dr Sydney Edward Howard Smart, pathologist, Toronto, ON CA
Dr Muriel Smith, pathologist, Fredericton, NB CA
Dr Poul Henrik Bredahl Sorensen, pathologist, Vancouver, BC CA
Dr Thangarajah Sornarajah, pathologist, Hamilton, ON CA
Dr James William Maitland Stephen, pathologist, Kamloops, BC CA
Dr Gemma Jane Stockford, pathologist, unknown, GB
Dr Danny Straathof, pathologist, New Westminster, BC CA
Dr Srinivasanallur Gopalkrishnan Subbuswamy, pathologist, unknown, GB
Dr Bilqis Akhtar Suleman, pathologist, unknown, GB
Dr Maryse Lakshmi Sundaresan, pathologist, unknown, GB
Dr Aref Tabarsi, pathologist, Campbell River, BC CA
Dr Latif Aziz Abdel Sayed Tadross, pathologist, Guelph, ON CA
Dr Grace Yu Tanhuanco-Kho, pathologist, Victoria, BC CA
Dr Peter Archibald Stuart Tanner, pathologist, unknown, GB
Dr Glenn Paul Taylor, pathologist, Toronto, ON CA
Dr Katherine Tsang, pathologist, Prince George, BC CA
Dr Michael Garth Tyler, pathologist, Prince George, BC CA
Dr Nicholas Gerrit Van Der Westhuizen, pathologist, Victoria, BC CA
Dr Dirk Johannes Theodorus Van Niekerk, pathologist, Vancouver, BC CA
Dr Mojgan Vaziri, pathologist, North Vancouver, BC CA is a free public service to help people find the best health care practioners around the world.
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