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Dr Walid Abawi, surgeon, Bowmanville, ON CA
Dr Hussam Abbasi, surgeon, Wehr, Baden-W├╝rttemberg DE
Dr Aruna Abhyankar, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Ashraf Hassan Abouharb, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Read Mohamed Ali Abughaduma, surgeon, Toronto, ON CA
Dr Elizabeth Briony Ackroyd-Parkin, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Adil Sam Sam Adam, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Howard Franklyn Adams, surgeon, Windsor, ON CA
Dr Christopher Bertlin Turner Adams, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Ajibola Olaolu Adeniyi Ade-Ajayi, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Ali Adibfar, surgeon, Toronto, ON CA
Dr Anthony Adili, surgeon, Hamilton, ON CA
Dr Jay Beverley Adlington, surgeon, Abbotsford, BC CA
Dr Rasheed Abul Ela Affifi, surgeon, Thornhill, ON CA
Dr Vinod Kumar Agarwala, surgeon, unknown, ON CA
Dr Shiban Ali Ahmed, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Abubaker Ahmed Ahmer, surgeon, Woodstock, ON CA
Dr George Simpson Aitken, surgeon, Surrey, BC CA
Dr Aqeel Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Aqeel, surgeon, Simcoe, ON CA
Dr Abdul Aziz Mohd Al-Khulaifi, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Bassil AL-Zamkan, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Likhith Mundankadan Alakandy, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Abdul Aleem, surgeon, Cranbrook, BC CA
Dr Michael Arthur Joseph Alexander, surgeon, unknown, ON CA
Dr Pervez Syed Ali, surgeon, Toronto, ON CA is a free public service to help people find the best health care practioners around the world.
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