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Dr Jameel Ali, surgeon, Toronto, ON CA
Dr Adrian John Allaway, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Benjamin Aaron Alman, surgeon, Toronto, ON CA
Dr Christine Marie Alvarez, surgeon, Vancouver, BC CA
Dr Carlos Antonio Alvarez, surgeon, unknown, ON CA
Dr Haydar Alwash, surgeon, Whakatane, Bay of Plenty NZ
Dr Fraydoone Michael Ameli, surgeon, Toronto, ON CA
Dr Bradley James Amson, surgeon, Victoria, BC CA
Dr Dimitrios John Anastakis, surgeon, unknown, ON CA
Dr Birgit Andersen, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Alvin James Anderson, surgeon, Toronto, ON CA
Dr Andrew Robert Anderson, surgeon, Duncan, BC CA
Dr William Noel Andrade, surgeon, Newmarket, ON CA
Dr Mark Peter Angelini, surgeon, unknown, ON CA
Dr Vladimir Alexandrovich Anikin, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Lars Anker, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Garth Kevin Martin Annisette, surgeon, Windsor, ON CA
Dr Alec Michael Ansons, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Mehran Anvari, surgeon, Hamilton, ON CA
Dr James Patrick Appleby, surgeon, Prince George, BC CA
Dr Rejean Arbour, surgeon, Hawkesbury, ON CA
Dr Angel Arnaout Al Karain, surgeon, Scarborough, ON CA
Dr Michel Earl Arseneau, surgeon, Campbell River, BC CA
Dr Babak Arvin, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Ahmad Shah Ashrafi, surgeon, St Catharines, ON CA is a free public service to help people find the best health care practioners around the world.
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