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Dr Arthur Robert Aspoas, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Athanasios Athanasiou, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Pritam Singh Athwal, surgeon, Surrey, BC CA
Dr Jean Maurice Aubin, surgeon, St Catharines, ON CA
Dr Ronen Avram, surgeon, Hamilton, ON CA
Dr Rufus Oluwafemi Ayeni, surgeon, Kapuskasing, ON CA
Dr Aristotle Azad, surgeon, Kamloops, BC CA
Dr Ahmed Amir Mohamed Fouad Azmy, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Georges Ralph Azzie, surgeon, Toronto, ON CA
Dr Ahmed Ali Azzu, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Alexander Victor Babajews, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Brian Richard Badduke, surgeon, West Vancouver, BC CA
Dr Alan Kieth Baggoo, surgeon, North Vancouver, BC CA
Dr Basil Malcolm Wheatcroft Bailey, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Alan George Bailie, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Frank George Baillie, surgeon, unknown, ON CA
Dr Robert Merrifield Baird, surgeon, Vancouver, BC CA
Dr Jennifer Ellen Baird, surgeon, Regina, SK CA
Dr Fady Kamal Balaa, surgeon, Ottawa, ON CA
Dr Christopher Ronald Baliski, surgeon, Kelowna, BC CA
Dr Davide Domenico Bardana, surgeon, Kingston, ON CA
Dr Neal Austin Barnard, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Scott Kenneth Murray Barr, surgeon, Sudbury, ON CA
Dr Aires Agnelo Barnabe Barros D'Sa, surgeon, unknown, GB
Dr Anise Catherine Barton, surgeon, Kamloops, BC CA is a free public service to help people find the best health care practioners around the world.
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