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Dr Christopher Hamilton H Sherlock, oncologist, Vancouver, BC CA
Dr Norma Aishatun Binti Datuk Hj Mohamed Sidek, oncologist, unknown, GB
Dr David Balfour Smith, oncologist, unknown, GB
Dr Graham William Spiller, oncologist, Coldstream, BC CA
Dr Gwen Stephens, oncologist, North Vancouver, BC CA
Dr Philip Frazer Stuart, oncologist, Toronto, ON CA
Dr Patrick Kwok-Chuen Tang, oncologist, Vancouver, BC CA
Dr Keith Tankel, oncologist, Edmonton, AB CA
Dr Eva Elisabeth Thomas, oncologist, Vancouver, BC CA
Dr Joan Louise Tomblin, oncologist, unknown, BC CA
Dr Galina Velikova, oncologist, unknown, GB
Dr Merle Vojdani, oncologist, Fredericton, NB CA
Dr David Austin Walker, oncologist, unknown, GB
Dr William Hamish Beith Wallace, oncologist, unknown, GB is a free public service to help people find the best health care practioners around the world.
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