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Dr Richard Sowery, urologist, unknown, BC CA
Dr Gary Edward John Steinhoff, urologist, Victoria, BC CA
Dr David Allan Wilson Stewart, urologist, Kamloops, BC CA
Dr Russell David Stogryn, urologist, Langley, BC CA
Dr Mary-Ann Lynn Stothers, urologist, Vancouver, BC CA
Dr Lorne Donald Sullivan, urologist, Vancouver, BC CA
Dr Herman Sullivan, urologist, Quispamsis, NB CA
Dr Beatrice Anne Summers, urologist, unknown, GB
Dr Gokarakonda Suresh Babu, urologist, unknown, GB
Dr Haider Abbas Syed, urologist, unknown, GB
Dr Cezary Artur Szczesniak, urologist, unknown, GB
Dr Laszlo Sztriha, urologist, unknown, GB
Dr Arash Kusha Taghizadeh, urologist, unknown, GB
Dr Nihad Asad Mohammad Tamimi, urologist, unknown, GB
Dr William Noel Taylor, urologist, Richmond, BC CA
Dr Johann Alfred Leonard Te Water Naude, urologist, unknown, GB
Dr Joel Martin Howard Teichman, urologist, Vancouver, BC CA
Dr Aikaterini Terzoudi, urologist, unknown, GB
Dr Robert Geoffrey Thomas, urologist, Red Deer, AB CA
Dr Stephen Austin Thomas, urologist, unknown, GB
Dr John Trachtenberg, urologist, Toronto, ON CA
Dr Viet Tan Tran, urologist, Ottawa, ON CA
Dr Simon Patrick Treissman, urologist, Kamloops, BC CA
Dr Vu Ngoc Truong, urologist, New Westminster, BC CA
Dr Ayse Turan, urologist, unknown, GB is a free public service to help people find the best health care practioners around the world.
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