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Dr Adel Tadros Nessim Ekdawy, ophthalmologist, unknown, GB
Dr Marilyn Beatrice Clysdale Ekins, ophthalmologist, Winnipeg, MB CA
Dr Bruce Edward Engel, ophthalmologist, Nepean, ON CA
Dr Murray John Erasmus, ophthalmologist, Victoria, BC CA
Dr Christine Mary Erlich, ophthalmologist, Toronto, ON CA
Dr Pierre Faber, ophthalmologist, Vancouver, BC CA
Dr Badia Ahmad Baz Fahad, ophthalmologist, unknown, GB
Dr Vahideh Farahvash, ophthalmologist, Frankfurt, Hessen DE
Dr James Patrick Farmer, ophthalmologist, Kingston, ON CA
Dr Stanley Blair Fearon, ophthalmologist, Toronto, ON CA
Dr Cecilia Helen Fenerty, ophthalmologist, unknown, GB
Dr Veronica Mary Geneste Ferguson, ophthalmologist, unknown, GB
Dr David Edgar Fine, ophthalmologist, Delta, BC CA
Dr Kelvin Robert Finlay, ophthalmologist, Burnaby, BC CA
Dr Pietro Giovanni Flora, ophthalmologist, Toronto, ON CA
Dr Christopher John Francis, ophthalmologist, Thunder Bay, ON CA
Dr Jane Alexandra Gardiner, ophthalmologist, Vancouver, BC CA
Dr David Fitzgerald Garway Garway-Heath, ophthalmologist, unknown, GB
Dr Gabriele Gauch, ophthalmologist, Bona, Nordrhein-Westfalen DE
Dr Nicolas David Langley George, ophthalmologist, unknown, GB
Dr Gopan Ghosh, ophthalmologist, unknown, GB
Dr Luigi Giavedoni, ophthalmologist, Toronto, ON CA
Dr Caspar Edward Acton Gibbon, ophthalmologist, unknown, GB
Dr Anita Marta Gilder, ophthalmologist, unknown, BC CA
Dr Peter Karl Girschek, ophthalmologist, Toronto, ON CA is a free public service to help people find the best health care practioners around the world.
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