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Dr Suhail Abbasi, internist, Airdrie, AB CA
Dr Harry Abramson, internist, unknown, CA
Dr Jonathan Derrick Jun Adachi, internist, Hamilton, ON CA
Dr Augustine Tunde Adesanya, internist, Timmins, ON CA
Dr Ram Kumar Aggarwal, internist, Etobicoke, ON CA
Dr Ghias Ahmad, internist, Toronto, ON CA
Dr Dildar Ahmad, internist, London, ON CA
Dr Iqbal Hussein Ahmed, internist, Richmond, BC CA
Dr Ali Zedan Degan Al-Hellawi, internist, Toronto, ON CA
Dr Abdurrahman Omar Sulaiman Al-Hesayen, internist, Toronto, ON CA
Dr Zeenat Yasmin Alam, internist, Windsor, ON CA
Dr Eli Alegado, internist, Brooklyn Park, MD US
Dr Renato Sandro Alessandrini, internist, Oshawa, ON CA
Dr Michael Alexander, internist, Niagara Falls, ON CA
Dr Mir Iqbal Ali, internist, Surrey, BC CA
Dr Shabbir Alibhai, internist, Toronto, ON CA
Dr Sharon Janet Allan, internist, Victoria, BC CA
Dr Kayvan Amjadi, internist, Ottawa, ON CA
Dr Shoaib Amlani, internist, Thornhill, ON CA
Dr Raj Vinod Anand, internist, Wellington, Wellington NZ
Dr Frank Hollingdale Anderson, internist, Vancouver, BC CA
Dr Helen Louise Anderson, internist, Victoria, BC CA
Dr John Ernest Andrews, internist, North Bay, ON CA
Dr John Stuart Anthony, internist, Scarborough, ON CA
Dr John Edward Antonsen, internist, Victoria, BC CA is a free public service to help people find the best health care practioners around the world.
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